COMPANY: Herzlich Willkommen
SEASON: Autumn / Winter 2014 / Azure

Autumn/winter collection, titled Azure, is focused on texture notion. It is based on collages of real knits and illusory prints of them.
Garment forms keep the balance between sporty casual style and elegance. Warm, padded clothes are made of classic jerseys mixed with rubber, tyvek or eco fur.
Printed textures of quilting or knitted chains are set together with authentic sweaters and quilts. This combination create the impression of optical illusion, deluding mixture which makes eyes wonder and discover every detail.

Photo: Michał Polak
Asistant: Janek Kwiatkowski
Make-up: Patrycja Skórzak
Models: Magda Roman/D'vision, Piotr W./AMQ
Special thanks: Bernard Saczuk, Fabryka Sztuki w Łodzi