COMPANY: 5.10.15

Outlook of autumn/winter collection for toddler boy department. Presented from initial idea to final effect.

"F is for Fun" theme brings up "learn through play" idea. These print and graphic directions are influenced by pre­school teaching aids, including alphabet, numbers and shapes. Key silhouette is simple, color blocked and very playful.

"In the forest" line is inspired by nature, and a desire to tap into something wild. In a world increasingly lived through screens, this collection focuses on the urge to connect with nature firsthand. Graphics get bold with 3d animal elements, embroidered slogans and flock applications.

Space theme, called "Robot walk" is all about friendly retro-tech superheroes. Kid's imagination runs wild with robots figures, illustrated using moving eyes, towel applications and 3d prints. All applied on sporty shapes with retro vibe.

Sporty line takes inspiration from traditional school sports such as tennis, baseball and rugby. College stripes and team numbers, active colour palette and comfortable jerseys merge together to form a new take on sportswear for kids.

"Back to school" is smart-casual story featuring contemporary classic shapes for all kinds of occasions. This formal-wear line is based on muted colours and a strong collar focus. (12).jpg (15).jpg (4).jpg (16).jpg (13).jpg (6).jpg (2).jpg (14).jpg (17).jpg (1).jpg (18).jpg (11).jpg (19).jpg (3).jpg (20).jpg (10).jpg (7).jpg (5).jpg (8).jpg (9).jpg